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Kingsway Road


VolkerHighways’ surfacing division completed resurfacing restoration works to 5,788m2 of a major thoroughfare - Kingsway Road in Camden, linking High Holborn with Aldwych. The works were delivered on behalf of Camden Council.

With up to 21,000 vehicle or cycle journeys along the route, between 7am and 7pm, on a typical day, the project was required due to deterioration of the road, over a number of years.

The project was split into multiple phases to enable vehicular traffic to continue moving, as much as possible, reducing disruption for thousands of users. Seven of the phases were carried out under lane closures and local diversions, with only two phases requiring full closures. Road traffic control was provided by VolkerHighways’ in-house traffic management division - specialists in providing traffic management solutions across a range of road networks.

  • Planed the existing carriageway to a depot of 90mm
  • Installed geotextile – a polymer coated glass-fibre grid for asphalt reinforcement, which is used to prevent reflective cracking and to extend the life of new bituminous layers
  • Laid binder and surface course to form the new carriageway
  • Ironworks adjusted and replaced, where necessary
  • Warm mix asphalt used throughout, which is now standard practice in Camden
  • Completed over nine consecutive shifts

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