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Smart City technology and infrastructure


The last few years have seen unprecedented technological change across multiple industries. The time has come to embrace that change and make it work for you.

By digitally linking your local infrastructure, you can use technology and data to provide an efficient and interactive public service.

You can have a platform for sustainable growth that benefits the communities who live and work within it - a ‘Smart City’.


How do cities become ‘Smart’?

Becoming a Smart City requires upgrades to communications infrastructure, sensors, data platforms, analytical software and personal apps. We have the skills, accreditations and experience in place to streamline this process, making it as efficient and cost effective as possible. 
VolkerSmart Technologies provides, installs and maintains much of the physical infrastructure required for a Smart City. Rather than using multiple disconnected systems, we can introduce you to data providers and analytical platforms, which use our infrastructure to collect and transmit data between devices.


What services does VolkerSmart Technologies offer?

  • Electric vehicle charging
  • Variable message signs
  • 5G
  • Independent connection provider
  • Fibre optic cable networks
  • Smart City infrastructure
  • Central management systems
  • CCTV
  • Integrated project management

To learn how a Smart City could benefit your local businesses and residents, visit VolkerSmart Technologies website or contact us.