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Ipswich CityFibre


VolkerTelecoms is currently working on a full fibre rollout contract with CityFibre in Ipswich.

The contract will see broadband reach almost every home and business across Ipswich, transforming local residents’ and businesses’ digital experiences.

Our highly skilled management and operational teams have the experience to manage projects first-hand to ensure the services we provide are first class and future-proofed for this evolving smart world.

  • Full fibre network reaching homes and businesses across Ipswich
  • Excavating 300,000m new trenches
  • Installing ducting
  • Blowing, splicing and testing fibre optic cables
  • Utilising existing underground infrastructure
  • Utilising overhead telecommunications infrastructure
  • Quick and efficient delivery
  • Reduced disruption to local residents

"We are thrilled to welcome VolkerTelecoms to our growing list of build partners. We are confident they will bring a vast amount of expertise to our build in Ipswich. Our intention is to find partners to grow with us and we believe VolkerTelecoms will be a model build partner, consistently delivering a high standard of work, and at the pace we require."

James Thomas, CityFibre’s director of supply chain

Facts and figures

  • Client
  • Duration
    February 2020 – Autumn 2022
  • Value
    £24 million
  • Project categories

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