Andover Road

Andover Road

Public realm scheme

The highway improvement scheme along A343 Andover Road consisted of the installation of a new cycleway and surface course to encourage more sustainable travel across West Berkshire.

What we did

Phase one of the works involved the installation of a new 300m cycleway using OCL Regeneration Foambase® M-LS. VolkerHighways laid 60mm of Foambase® M-LS as a binder course, which goes towards offsetting the emissions of 20mm of surface course which was laid over the top. In addition, VolkerHighways used a warm 10mm asphalt wearing course which further reduces the carbon output.

Phase two involved resurfacing 3.4km of carriageway using Miles Macadam Milepave™ product. Milepave is a reduced carbon surfacing process, using lower mixing temperatures, energy resources and bitumen content than conventional products.

Over 25,000m2 of grouted Macadam surfacing was laid, consisting of 2,061t of 40mm Milepave and 96t of binder course. This equates to 112t CO₂ total emissions, which includes carbon produced by subcontractors.

By using Milepave™, there was a saving of 295t in aggregate and 38t in bitumen, compared to conventional warm mix material and a typical non-carbon neutral surfacing contractor.

In addition, VolkerHighways approached WJ road marking specialists and chose their exclusive product ‘Weatherline’, which is a biogenic product. By using this product, only 5t of CO2 was produced compared to 17t of standard hydrocarbon-based material. 

Project successes

The focus of the scheme was to use carbon-cutting techniques and materials. By using these solutions, the team reduced CO₂e by over 46 tonnes; the equivalent of driving 140,000 miles.

300 trees were sourced by VolkerHighways and Miles Macadam for surfacing works completed during the 2022 highway improvement programme and they were planted across the district. Over the coming years, the trees will absorb and store carbon dioxide and enhance the local landscape for wildlife and residents.

“The work on the A343, with our partners, once again highlights a combined ambition to do all we can to reduce our carbon footprint across the district. The changes in technology and processes to achieve this reduction of 46 tonnes is impressive and we hope to continue this great achievement on future projects.”

Councillor Richard Somner Executive Member for Planning, Transport and Countryside