A4 Hungerford to Newbury

A4 Hungerford to Newbury

Public realm scheme

As part of the continued investment to improve the roads in the county, West Berkshire Council committed to increase funding available for surfacing works. The section of the A4 from Hungerford to Newbury involved resurfacing over 4km, which included repairing damaged kerbs and replacing over 60 faded road signs.

What we did

To achieve optimum outputs and minimise disruption to road users, the works were completed during overnight road closures. The scheme was initially programmed for 12 nights, however after increasing efficiencies, the scheme was reduced to 10 nights. 

Thanks to careful planning, communication and the experience of the team, the scheme was actually completed in nine nights. 

Project successes

During each closure, an impressive 466t of stone mastic asphalt was laid per night and the scheme achieved a significant 26,223kg CO2e savings.

Carbon savings were derived through an increase in RAP material and use of warm mix asphalt. Supply chain partner, FM Conway’s, unique approach to materials and the circular economy meant that the asphalt was supplied, and the subsequent planings then brought back to their Heathrow asphalt plant for recycling. To ensure the planings were suitable for future use as a wearing material, they were pre-tested for tar bound material and skid resistance

Traditional wearing course mix uses 8% RAP material. By recycling planings as RAP and using a 20% RAP solution, less virgin aggregate is required, and provides a 12% above average RAP mix. In addition, it has been calculated that approximately 190 lorry journeys were saved, as the same fleet of tippers were used to remove planings and deliver the asphalt.

VolkerHighways also locally sourced a new style road stud manufactured by 3M, that is virtually maintenance free and eight times more reflective than conventional Halifax studs. We are hopeful that this will now be used as standard on all future schemes.

“To work collaboratively in delivering significant road improvements across West Berkshire is a remarkable achievement in the delivery of sustainable infrastructure improvements while maintaining a carbon-neutral approach. This accomplishment is a testament to our commitment to addressing the climate emergency and achieving our district's goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2030. By prioritising sustainable practices in our infrastructure development, we can create a better future for our communities and the planet as a whole.”

Councillor Denise Gaines Executive Member for Highways, Housing and Sustainable Travel