Winter gritting

Winter gritting operations

Building lasting relationships with local authorities

Our services include maintaining footpaths, street lights, drainage, road markings and highway-related structures, as well as providing full cleansing services. Our highways network management service delivers emergency response, winter gritting and infrastructure improvements. 

We also offer a range of surfacing solutions to complement our highways term maintenance contracts. 

VolkerHighways has long-standing relationships with many local authorities, with durations ranging from five to ten years and including retention and extensions of contracts.

Wharf Road Bus Station

Wharf Road Bus Station

Public realm

Through both our term maintenance contracts and competitive tendering process, we undertake public realm improvement schemes and bespoke projects. These range from large schemes, such as high street regeneration and junction and bridge improvements, to smaller schemes, such as single footpath installations and cycleways.

Working collaboratively with other businesses in the VolkerWessels UK group, such as VolkerLaser for bridge improvement works and VolkerStevin for flood alleviation and riverside works, provides additional benefit for our clients. This enables us to deliver a full turnkey solution for our clients, from early contractor involvement to delivery.