VolkerHighways encourages next generation workforce

VolkerHighways has participated in a career and higher education open day at Haberdashers' Aske's Knights Academy in Bromley, Kent, where they hoped to encourage young people to see the industry as a good career choice.

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Ben Bellinger representing VolkerHighways

The event, which involved over 20 organisations, colleges and unversities, was aimed at students aged 14 to 16 years in order to give them a fuller understanding of their options in the near future.

A careers speed networking session started the day; students spent time with representatives from a wide range of industries and were given the opportunity to ask lots of questions to the industry experts.

A career and higher education fair followed this session. Here the students were able to walk around at leisure and find out more about the options that particularly interested them.

The VolkerHighways representatives, Tom Ransley and Ben Bellinger, gave an overview of the construction industry and shared examples of the career options available to the students. Ben Bellinger, site manager at VolkerHighways, gave the students more detail about the pathway into engineering and design, whilst Tom Ransley,  proposals manager at VolkerHighways, gave the students an insight into business development roles.

Tom Ransley, said: "It was an eye-opener to some of the students who had little understanding of the types of career paths available to them in the construction industry. Young people tend to see the construction industry as quite black and white, ‘builders and project managers', when there is actually a whole array of career opportunities ranging from design and accounting to business development and procurement."

Ben Bellinger, added: "VolkerHighways is committed to encouraging talented and enthusiastic young people to join the industry. These kinds of events can reach out to the next generation of engineers and demonstrate to students how exciting a career in engineering and construction can be."