Collaborative learning venture in Holland with sister company KWS

As part of VolkerHighways' aim to improve learning, development and the sharing of best practice across the VolkerWessels group, members of the management team have visited sister company KWS in Hoogeveen, the Netherlands.

Holland 042.jpg

KWS specialises in aggregate technologies and operate the majority of sand quarries and asphalt plants throughout Holland. The trip enabled KWS and VolkerHighways to gain insight into the operational practices of each company and each country.

The hosts at KWS showed the VolkerHighways visitors around two of their sand quarries, two asphalt plants, a cleaning factory and a newly constructed bridge and bypass.

VolkerHighways is dedicated to building on its record of sustainable practice, as such, it was particularly interested in some of KWS' sustainability schemes such as: integrated recycling processes, the selling of by-products and investment in renewable energy technology, such as solar panels, to enable the company to be energy efficient.

Peter Hyde, managing director at VolkerHighways, said "Research and collaboration trips such as this are a great opportunity for our employees to explore and learn. The knowledge and expertise brought back from the visit will be further developed and integrated into the business within the next 12 months as part of our on-going strategy for growth."