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LED street lighting

In an effort to meet the requirements of our clients and use innovative solutions which save energy and lower costs, VolkerHighways has worked with its local authority clients and specialist supply chain partner - Indal WRTL to install LED street lights in a number of its networks. The new LED luminaries benefit from requiring considerably less maintenance compared to traditional street lights and are installed on a ‘fit and forget' basis.

Working together with West Berkshire Council and suppliers- Indal WRTL, VolkerHighways has installed LED street lights throughout the county. The A339 Sandleford Link in Newbury, West Berkshire is just one example of locations that have benefited from the use of LED technology.

Completed in March 2012, the A339 scheme involved replacing existing high pressure sodium luminaires with new LED units. The original total circuit load was slightly less than 12.3 kW, which consumed 51MWh per annum. By using LED as a point-for-point replacement, the circuit watts were reduced to 9.8kW. This represented a saving of 20% in energy.

Further energy savings are to be achieved through the re-use of the existing SON lanterns as replacements for unserviceable SOX lanterns along the A4 in Midgham. This will result in further energy savings of 5%, helping to meet targets for reductions in operating costs.