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Olympic Delivery Authority; CLM Environmental and Sustainability Awards 2010

The CLM Environmental and Sustainability Award was given to individuals who actively contributed above and beyond the environmental agenda and consider sustainability in their work.  Anne Sharp and Danny O'Sullivan of VolkerHighways were chosen from all employees working across the Olympic site.

Both Anne and Danny made a significant contribution to the sustainability of their buildings/structures; buying products with low embodied carbon, high recycled content, socially responsibly sourced products; importing materials using sustainable transport. This included reduction in waste by ensuring temporary materials are taken back by the supply chain and through careful handling of materials to avoid damaging products and through segregation.

Olympic Delivery Authority; CLM Award for Best Environmental Champion

CLM Award for Best Environmental Champion was awarded to Peter Lilburn of VolkerHighways, who has championed sustainability and the environment and inspired others to be aware, informed and then involved in actively promoting the environment.