Celebrating success: International CSR Excellence Award

Congratulations to our Medway HTMC team who are celebrating after being presented an International CSR Excellence Award from The Green Organisation at a prestigious ceremony at St Paul’s Cathedral recently.

The team were honoured with this award in recognition of their outstanding contribution to the local community. It reflects our commitment to improving the area we work by fostering positive change and supporting local initiatives.
These include:

•    Employing and working with local people and businesses
•    Engaging with the next generation through work experience opportunities, careers fairs and events
•    Championing road and community safety awareness
•    Supporting educational competitions 
•    Enhancing and improving the natural environment 
•    Supporting local charities
•    Working with Medway Council to improve the community of over 280,000 people.

In partnership with Medway Council, VolkerHighways has been maintaining and improving the highways, footpaths and street lighting in Medway, Kent since 2007. Between 2022 and 2023, we have increased our social value spend by 44%, with this year expected to be another increase. 

The prestigious ceremony at St Paul’s Cathedral was attended by representatives from our Medway team and Medway Council.

We are delighted to be an International CSR Excellence Award winner and it was a pleasure to attend the memorable award ceremony. The ceremony not only recognises our achievements to date, but also reinforces our inspiration to continue to make a positive and lasting impact in our community.

Sohail Hussain Project Manager, VolkerHighways