VolkerSmart Technologies delivers upgrades to support 5G coverage

VolkerSmart Technologies has secured a contract in partnership with Ontix, to supply additional power points to council owned assets for the London Borough of Sutton. This will enable the delivery of Next-Generation Wireless Infrastructure (5G), improving mobile phone coverage across the borough for both residents and local businesses.   


VolkerSmart Technologies is using the existing council-owned lamp columns to add power points at height, whilst providing additional electrical upgrades as required. This will enable new small cell mobile infrastructure to be deployed by Ontix. The upgrades will not only boost connectivity but will also improve the experience of mobile device users within the borough.

David Easton, operations director of VolkerSmart Technologies, said: “I am delighted that VolkerSmart Technologies is helping to improve 5G wireless coverage in the London Borough of Sutton, alongside our programme of lighting and electrical improvements. The new upgrades will bring great benefits for both residents and visitors to the borough.”

5G is the next generation of mobile internet connection, offering download speeds up to 100 times that of 4G, enabling mobile devices to operate at faster speeds and  process ever larger amounts of data. The new wireless infrastructure is also expected to broaden the role that mobile technology plays in the borough, by enabling thousands more outdoor ‘smart’ devices connect to the internet and each other.

VolkerSmart Technologies is the smart city initiative of VolkerHighways, which is delivering a ten-year street lighting term maintenance contract with Sutton Council. This additional contract will provide the foundation for greater 5G coverage in Sutton, a commitment made by the Council as part of its Digital Strategy.