VolkerSmart Technologies continues collaboration with ubitricity

VolkerSmart Technologies has been awarded an EV charging point installation contract on behalf of ubitricity, a wholly owned subsidiary of Shell. The works began in September and are expected to be completed in December 2023.


The contract involves the installation and conversion of 1,050 lamp column EV charging points between Richmond and Wandsworth, London. The business will also complete pre-site surveys, the installation of earth mats for electrical connection and testing and commissioning of the chargers.

The contract follows the successful installation of 36 EV bollard chargers in West Berkshire and 20 charge points in Oxfordshire, on behalf of ubitricity.

Adapting existing lamp columns and bollards to EV charging points is a cost-effective solution for many London Boroughs. Benefits of the in-column charge points include readily available electrical infrastructure, keeping footpaths clear from additional street furniture and are accessibility to all EV drivers. The columns are also already positioned in areas with long dwell times or overnight charging.

ubitricity’s ‘Smart Charging’ technology allows users at any time of day to skip their peak window (4-7pm), saving money on their charging session.

Having been involved in the conversion of lamp columns and bollards to EV charging points since 2018, VolkerSmart Technologies has a wealth of knowledge and experience to bring to the project.

Alistair Thompson, Managing Director for VolkerHighways whose VolkerSmart Technologies business is delivering the works, said: “We are very pleased to have been awarded this additional contract with ubitricity. London is a hugely populated area, with many residents not having the advantage of off-street parking. Our work with ubitricity ensures residents can access the EV market and can rely on column mounted EV charging points to provide sufficient charging for their electric vehicle, without worry.”