VolkerHighways sponsors mass school bike ride in Hackney

On Thursday 19 June, Hackney saw 873 children and adults take to the streets and cycle nine miles on a mass school bike ride that was set to hit the world record.


The fifth ‘Bike around the Borough’ event was organised by Hackney Council in partnership with the Hackney Safer Transport Police. VolkerHighways were proud to be sponsors and staff joined the ride to promote cycling and help raise awareness of cycling safety.

Despite being only eight people short of the world record, the day was a huge success. Hackney had a carnival atmosphere with music along the way, school children cycling and chanting and food and cycling shows at the Olympic stadium where Hackney Speaker, Cllr Sade Etti, met participants.

Hackney is looking forward to making the world record in 2016 and the Cycle Superhighway Route 1 (CS1) will be ready for the next Bike around the Borough. VolkerHighways have been awarded the contract to deliver the CS1 in Hackney with work commencing on 6 July 2015. The route will run from Liverpool Street Station to White Hart Lane in Haringey and will make travel for cyclists, pedestrians and motorists easier, quicker and safer.

Hackney is known for its high number of cyclists and has been described as London’s most liveable borough. VolkerHighways is excited to be working on CS1 in Hackney to further support safe cycling and travel in the borough. Advocates of cycling, VolkerHighways employees are encouraged to use bikes to travel between sites and as their commute. Cycling is a fun and sustainable way to travel; it reduces congestion and vehicle emissions, not to mention the huge health benefits.

Mark Mascar, VolkerHighways contract manager and leader of the Hackney team said: “We are delighted to not only be able to sponsor but also take part in the fantastic Bike around the Borough event. Whilst it would have been great to break the world record, the important result from the event was to raise awareness of Hackney’s cycling routes and promote safe cycling in preparation for the upcoming Cycle SuperHighway.”  

VolkerHighways has set up a Cycle Surgery for the duration of the construction for CS1 for the public to use; there will be repair kits and someone on site to provide access to the surgery. The surgery was launched at the Bike around the Borough event where a VolkerHighways colleague helped the public with repairs on the day. The surgery will be located on Paul Street for the start of construction on 6 July.