VolkerHighways sponsors the Big Iftar event in Luton

This year, VolkerHighways was a proud sponsor of Luton’s Big Iftar event, bringing people of all faiths and backgrounds together to share food and good company right in the centre of Luton town.

Big Iftar.JPG
Big Iftar.JPG
From left to right: Mark Aaronson, service manager for Luton Council, Mohammed Tariq, Inspire FM even organiser, Matt Joel, project manager for VolkerHighways and Sultan Khan, community development officer for Luton Council.

The event was organised by Inspire FM and supported by Luton Council. It is an annual get-together which is now in its sixth year, during the month of Ramadhan, which ends with a communal sunset meal to break the daily fast.

The theme of this year’s event was physical and mental wellbeing and ran on Friday 31 March 5-8pm at St George’s Square, Luton. All proceeds from the event went towards tackling holiday hunger through Luton Foodbank.

To support the event, VolkerHighways donated £5,000 to the cause, which went towards providing a sunset meal to break the daily fast to over 1,000 attendees under a marquee.

Event organiser, Mohammed Tariq, said: “We are grateful for the generous support we received from VolkerHighways which helped promote community cohesion, share great food and showcase what Luton is all about.”

Matt Joel, project manager for VolkerHighways’ Luton highway term maintenance contract, said: “Having worked in Luton since 2017, we have seen the Big Iftar event grow year on year. We are pleased that we could support the event this year, seeing community’s get-together and celebrate the diverse community we have in Luton.”