VolkerHighways pledges to plant 40,000m2 of wildflower meadows in Medway

As part of our commitment to preserving and improving the natural environment, and leaving a lasting legacy in the areas we work, VolkerHighways has partnered with GreenTheUK – supporting the growth of conservation projects across the UK.

GTUK_VolkerHighways_Marketing Materials_Wildflower_1200 x 675.jpg
GTUK_VolkerHighways_Marketing Materials_Wildflower_1200 x 675.jpg

Our Medway highway infrastructure contract has teamed up with GreenTheUK as part of their B-Lines Insect Pathways Project, in partnership with Buglife. Their work aims to conserve our native pollinators and a range of other wildlife, contributing towards biodiversity targets and helping wildlife to respond to climate change by making it easier for them to move around.

As part of our new partnership, VolkerHighways has pledged to plant 40,000m2 of wildflower meadows in Medway, Kent, with locations selected in collaboration with Medway Council. 

In addition, VolkerHighways has been invited to plan a wildflower planting volunteering event, which supports our promise for each employee to receive one day’s free volunteering leave per year.

Once the locations have been chosen, planting will begin in the spring of next year.

GreenTheUK were chosen as part of VolkerWessels UK’s – our main parent company, new collaborative relationship with the organisation, which began this summer.

Sohail Hussain, Project Manager for VolkerHighways, said: “We are proud to be working with GreenTheUK and the first VolkerWessels UK business to commence a project with the organisation. We need biodiversity for survival and that is why we need to protect it at all costs, by improving the physical environment, cleaning the air and limiting rising temperatures. We look forward to starting this exciting project.”