VolkerHighways launches sustainable travel plans for its depots

Helping to promote and facilitate more sustainable methods of travel in three main areas: commuting, business travel and operations travel, VolkerHighways has launched sustainable travel plans for all its depots.

Sustainable travel plan image with white background.png
Sustainable travel plan image with white background.png

The sustainable travel plans are for everyone, whether part of our business or a visitor, to consider alternative methods of travel, such as walking, cycling or using public transport when visiting our depots.

However, before using the sustainable travel plan, consideration should be given towards the need to travel. Could the reason for travel be prevented in favour of a Teams call? Could visits or meetings be aligned to reduce travel to that or other locations?

Once you have decided to travel to a location, the travel plan includes details on facilities available there, such as shower amenities and parking capacity, nearest bus stops and train stations, local taxi services, electric vehicle charge point availability and more.

A well-designed travel plan can typically cut 15 percent of commuter car use, reduce congestion, particularly during peak times, encourage the transition from fuel-combustion vehicles to electric vehicles and reduce our carbon footprint.

The next time you are visiting one of our depots, why not take a look at the travel plan to see if you can benefit from more sustainable methods of travel.

To view a travel plan, please go to About us > where we operate, click on the location of your choice and click ‘sustainable travel plan.’