VolkerHighways completes surfacing works for Align

In August and September, VolkerHighways’ surfacing team completed important resurfacing works in Denham, Buckinghamshire, along the A412 and Moorfield Road. The works were on behalf of Align, the joint venture between Bouygues Travaux Publics, Sir Robert McAlpine and VolkerFitzpatrick, which is delivering the Central 1 portion of HS2 Phase that includes the Chiltern Tunnels and Colne Valley Viaduct.


VolkerHighways was subcontracted by Align to carry out resurfacing works to improve the safety and quality of the roads, which had been deteriorating over a number of years.

Moorfield Road, 2,845m2

After planing off the existing surface to a depth of 100mm, and reaching the concrete below, a pavement reinforcement geogrid was applied. The purpose of the grid is to control reflective cracking in the asphalt concrete overlays and increase the strength and durability of the new surface, prolonging its life. The team then machine laid the binder course. As part of the works, VolkerHighways also adjusted the existing ironworks in the carriageway to create a smoother finish.

The project was completed during a four-night consecutive road closure, to minimise disruption to the local road network, with a total of 2,845m2 of road resurfaced.

A412, 4,040m2

Works along the A412 involved planing off the existing carriageway, which had deteriorated, and laying a new surface course. This has improved the quality of the road and minimised traffic noise.

During the project, it was vital that one section of the road remained open, to allow for diversion routes for traffic on the M25. This meant VolkerHighways had to obtain special permits, for four consecutive nights, to enable the team to install a convoy system, and to reduce the speed limit along the carriageway. In total, 2,040m2 of road was resurfaced.

David Whitson, surfacing contracts manager for VolkerHighways, said: “These projects showcase great collaboration between VolkerHighways and the Align JV. The works were completed to a high standard, on time and to budget. Well done to all involved.”

Derek Van Rensburg, Align’s surface construction director, added: “The resurfacing of the roads was completed on time and to a high standard, delivering a much-improved road surface for the benefit of all road users. This has greatly reduced the traffic congestion in this area and improved the visual impact of the HS2 project for A412 users and local community.”