VolkerHighways and West Berkshire Council continue their carbon reduction journey

VolkerHighways is currently working on a highway improvement scheme along the A343 Andover Road in Newbury, in partnership with West Berkshire Council. With a focus on reducing the amount of carbon produced as part of the scheme, and to determine the best way to reduce its carbon emissions, VolkerHighways is working with OCL Regeneration, which specialises in producing low carbon recycled materials.

VolkerHighways and West Bershire fombase M-LS_v2.jpg
VolkerHighways and West Bershire fombase M-LS_v2.jpg

Phase one of works involved the installation of a new cycleway/footway and kerbs, which should encourage more people to consider cycling within the area.

The team used Foambase® M-LS, which contains an innovative material Manufactured LimeStone (M-LS). M-LS is an artificial rock manufactured by reacting carbon dioxide with industrial process residues. During the process, carbon dioxide is taken from the atmosphere and absorbed into the product. By combining M-LS with an existing recycled product, OCL Regeneration created Foambase® M-LS.

VolkerHighways laid 60mm of Foambase® M-LS as a binder course, which goes towards offsetting the emissions of 20mm of surface course which was laid over the top. In addition, VolkerHighways used a warm 10mm asphalt wearing course which further reduces the carbon output.

Phase two, which began earlier this month, involves resurfacing the carriageways using Miles Macadam Milepave™ product which also supports VolkerHighways’ carbon reduction efforts.

Kunle Kolaru, operations director for VolkerHighways, said: “This is another great example of our West Berkshire contract working with our supply chain partners to deliver reduced carbon schemes with innovative products. The use of these innovative accelerated carbon technology products is helping both VolkerHighways and West Berkshire Council to reduce their carbon emissions and move towards achieving their respective net carbon zero targets.”

Richard Somner, the Council’s Portfolio Holder for Planning, Transport and Countryside for West Berkshire Council, said: “West Berkshire Council continues to work with partners to develop innovative, cost effective and environmentally friendly ways of maintaining the Council’s highways. This project demonstrates the Council’s sound highway asset management policies whilst taking a step in the right direction to achieve our ambitious carbon reduction targets”.

M-LS is a recognised Carbon Capture and Utilisation (CCU) process which has received an Environmental Product Declaration - S-P-04739 - Manufactured LimeStone (M-LS) (