Upskilling our workforce through bespoke utility avoidance training

VolkerHighways and Sygma Solutions have developed a bespoke training course to provide further competency around the understanding and interpretation of utility plans (COP 2) and the required survey process for its workforce. Sygma Solutions specialise in providing dedicated cable avoidance and location training.

Utility programme 2.jpg
Utility programme 2.jpg

The specialist course will help our operational workforce to further improve their understanding of utility drawings and learn ‘tips’ on how we can locate hard to find services. The enhanced learning helps us to improve competency across the business and reduce utility strikes by educating and empowering our employees to make the right choices when planning and working around underground services.

The course has been developed by operational leads from across the business to ensure that all work activities are covered in the session. This was decided after an off the shelf course was found to not cover all our needs and areas of our business. This includes highway term maintenance, street lighting, electric vehicle charging and independent connection provider (ICP).

Before beginning the rollout across our divisions, we conducted a trial course using employees from all areas of the business. During which, feedback was given, and improvements made, and the first official training was delivered in late June.

The rollout of the bespoke training supports and complements our inclusive service strike coaching sessions that form part of our safe digging learning and education tools.

Jason Convey, head of HSEQS for VolkerHighways, said: “Training courses must be engaging, empowering and meet business needs for them to work effectively. We are really pleased to be rolling out this specialist safe digging course in partnership with Sygma Solutions. This course will ensure our workforce has all the skills, knowledge and experience to locate hard to find underground services.”