Record first quarter for VolkerSmart Technologies’ Swindon CityFibre team

VolkerSmart Technologies' Swindon CityFibre team is delivering full fibre to enable residents and business owners across Swindon to access the UK's fastest broadband services.

VH record.jpg
VH record.jpg

The first quarter of this year has seen the team surpass their planned targets. The project was due to pass 6,100 properties, but actually passed 7,465, delivering fibre to 22% more homes and businesses than planned. In addition, the team installed 41,000m of fibre ducting in trenches,10% more than planned. By passing more homes and excavating more trenches in a shorter period of time, fast broadband can reach home and business owners quicker. On average, the team is now digging in excess of 850m of trenches per day, this is a brilliant achievement for the team.

During January to March, the project underwent an intense recruitment phase, making the figures even more impressive due to having limited resource and the additional time required to train new employees.

In addition, five days were spent with 'tools down' training subcontractors to continually improve their ways of working and improve both safety and quality performance.

Steve Clayton, Swindon's project manager, said: "The team has worked extraordinarily hard to ensure that these extra homes have been delivered. The standards set by the management team are extremely high and they are exceeded every day. The passion and determination to succeed is fantastic to see."