Greener Highways and Byways

VolkerHighways is taking carbon reduction to the next level on its Term Maintenance Contracts (TMC's) in London.

VolkerHighways Hackney Cycle Initiative Lo Res 59.JPG
VolkerHighways Hackney Cycle Initiative Lo Res 59.JPG

Supervisors on the Hackney TMC are now using pedal power to inspect the numerous temporary works in the borough instead of their usual vehicles.

Travelling between sites on bicycles not only cuts down carbon emissions and provides health benefits for the supervisors, but the highways contractor has also noticed a positive impact on sites due to the increased output of inspections afforded by not getting stuck in traffic.

The supervisors are also being monitored by VolkerHighways occupational health nurse to measure their improved levels of fitness.

The £12 million a year Hackney TMC is just one of nine London Borough Term Maintenance Contracts undertaken by VolkerHighways.