Green Apple Award - Medway Walking Bus Stop Scheme

The Medway walking bus stop scheme has earned a gold award at the 2012 Green Apple Awards.

Medway Council and VolkerHighways were recognised for their outstanding community work for the walking bus stop scheme; the ‘bus stops' in the community allow the walking bus scheme to have an official route.

The scheme is run by Medway Council and sponsored by VolkerHighways, which donated £3,000 towards the scheme, and maintains the route.

The walking bus is a fun, safe and healthy way to get to and from school. The walking bus routes have a start and a finish, and the passengers can get on or off at the designated ‘bus stops' on the route. There is a minimum requirement of two adults for every bus at all times, a driver at the front and a conductor at the back.

School communities in Medway are finding that the children involved in the walking bus scheme have gained benefits such as enhanced road safety awareness, improved fitness and a greater awareness of environmental issues.

It is hoped that permanent ‘bus stops' will help raise the profile of the initiative and encourage more children to use walking buses throughout Medway.

Dave Coleman, VolkerHighways project manager, said: "VolkerHighways is committed to supporting local community initiatives. We are proud to be a sponsor of the walking bus stop scheme, which is a brilliant project that teaches children to safely manoeuvre the streets while travelling to school in a healthy and enjoyable way."

The Green Apple Awards, which are run by the Green Organisation, are regarded among companies, councils and communities, as a major recognition for environmental best practice around the world.

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