First milestone achieved on VolkerSmart Technologies’ CityFibre contract in Ipswich

VolkerSmart Technologies has achieved the first milestone on the CityFibre contract in Ipswich, by handing back a significant amount of properties to CityFibre.

CFI PR.jpg
CFI PR.jpg

The contract, which is worth £24 million, began in February 2020 and will continue until autumn 2022. The works are part of a scheme to help Ipswich transform and future proof its digital infrastructure.

To achieve this milestone, the works have involved a combined installation, incorporating both new underground trenched duct network and existing overhead infrastructure. By using a hybrid installation, the team have been able to deliver with speed and efficiency, while minimising disruption for residents.

The hybrid installation consisted of 3,000m of linear excavated trench, 12,800m of duct, 16,000m of fibre cable and 192 spliced fibres. Additional to the original contract, Fibre Exchange No. 1 has been brought online by installing 1200m of duct, 1,400m of cable and 2,016 spliced fibres, ensuring properties are Ready for Service (RFS).

Martyn Caulfield, the telecoms contracts manager at VolkerSmart Technologies, said: “Reaching this milestone is a great achievement considering that the team have been faced with programme disruption, restricted material supplies and additional safety measures due to Covid-19.

“Now, more than ever, people and businesses are relying on their broadband capabilities due to Covid-19, so these network improvements will offer real value for the people of Ipswich.”