Depot transformation in Bath and North East Somerset

Last week, VolkerHighways’ Bath and North East Somerset highways and street lighting term maintenance teams were officially welcomed into their newly transformed depot in Clutton, by Chris Major, director of place management for Bath and North East Somerset Council and Jerry Pert, operations director for VolkerHighways.

BaNES depot.jpg
BaNES depot.jpg

Back in September, VolkerHighways began the re-development of the Clutton depot, which serves as a base for employees working on the contract, as well as sub-contractors and members of Bath and North East Somerset Council.

The works involved the demolition of the existing office, installation of a new office, an upgrade to the front gate and increasing the number of gritter sheds. The team has also added a new materials storage compound, with palisade fencing, for increased security and improved vehicle flow around the depot. There are also plans to install environmentally friendly LED street lighting. The new depot layout will improve efficiency and ensure the business maintains the highest welfare and environmental standards for their operational teams.

The new office

Following the demolition of the existing office and preparation works, April saw 11 bespoke, modular buildings delivered to the site. Each building measured three metres by twelve metres and was delivered in sections, before being assembled on site, where electrical and plumbing connections were also made.

The new office comprises desk space to accommodate 34 of VolkerHighways’ term maintenance and street lighting employees, as well as hot desks for the Council’s team. The office also has private meeting and conference rooms, welfare facilities, a tearoom and an area specially designed for ICT equipment.

The new office also provides the workforce with dedicated space and facilities, including the use of a large communal area, welfare facilities, changing rooms, individual lockers and benches.

A ventilation system has been fitted throughout the building, which replaces the air in each room every 12 minutes, whilst retaining up to 70% of the building’s heat. The team is also re-using some of the furniture and IT equipment from another VolkerHighways office, to help reduce waste.

Gritter sheds

As part of the re-development, the number of sheds housing the client’s winter gritters has increased by six. The sheds now provide covered protection for the entire nine gritter fleet, helping to keep them in good condition and ensuring they are prepared for the winter months ahead.

The team has installed bird boxes inside the gritter sheds and has plans to install a large, two metre by five metre bat home for a bat they found roosting in the old roof space.

Kofi Agyen-Frempong, project manager for VolkerHighways, said: “I am excited to welcome the team into our newly renovated depot. The team will benefit from a new office, with increased space and dedicated areas to suit the needs of both the on-site and office-based teams. It will also encourage greater collaboration with our client, without whom this development wouldn’t be possible. The improvements to the depot will help to increase security and safety, operational efficiency and will keep our gritters in the best condition.”