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About VolkerTelecoms

VolkerTelecoms is the full fibre and 5G network infrastructure division of VolkerHighways.

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VolkerTelecoms is integral to the nationwide roll out of fibre networks for ultrafast broadband connections, having been in the market since 2020. In addition, VolkerTelecoms is driving into 5G markets.

Our mission is to deliver a best-in-class network solution that improves efficiencies and is future-proofed, fulfilling and exceeding clients’ expectations. We are dedicated to empowering our people to achieve the best results, through education, innovation and creativity, ensuring VolkerTelecoms is one of the market leading telecommunications build partners in the UK.

If you’re interested in our 5G survey and installation services. Please email business.development@volkerhighways.co.uk