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West Berkshire

VolkerHighways’ current seven-year public realm contract with West Berkshire Council began on 1 October 2016 and comprises:


  • Highway maintenance
  • Bridge maintenance
  • Lighting maintenance
  • Improvement schemes
  • Road salting
  • Full emergency response service
    Working with the Council’s Highways and Transport department to inspect and maintain roads, street lights and pavements
  • Works cover approx. 1,278km of urban and rural highway network

Beginning in 2015, the VolkerHighways West Berkshire team also undertook a separate £7.2 million project to upgrade over 10,000 of the district’s street lights with energy efficient LED lamps.

"VolkerHighways has worked with us successfully since 2006, looking after our road network, footpaths and street lights. It’s important we look after this infrastructure and the contract with VolkerHighways allows us to maintain our roads efficiently and with the best value for our residents."

Councillor Garth Simpson, executive member for Highways and Transport

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