SMART, our Strategic Management and Recording Tool, is the result of five years of investment and development, working collaboratively with clients to develop a bespoke works order system that meets the specific needs of our clients and the business.

SMART technology

What is SMART?

SMART is a bespoke works order management system that integrates some of the best technologies available to support the business' end-to-end works order process and workforce management.

The advanced system uses graphical planning and programming tools to automatically schedule works based on client response priorities and a geographically efficient programme that reduces travelling time and therefore our environmental impact.

It is a system that acts as a database, recording all works related information in one location and drastically reducing the amount of paperwork, supporting local authorities' e-government commitments.

How does it work?

On the ground operatives use handheld devices to receive their schedule and record works throughout the day. Whilst office based employees use SMART to handle receipt of works orders, planning, permitting and noticing of work, and the communication of works order data, all through the same integrated system.

It also enables employees to record before and after photos in order to keep a visual track of work and completion. In addition, photographs can be sent though to clients on a live basis, reducing the need for clients to visit sites in order to answer queries.

Why is it different?

SMART is a unique product in the industry due to its ability to intelligently programme new and emergency jobs. The system ensures there are minimal disruptions to the works already in progress to allow for emergencies, whilst making sure that any interrupted jobs are automatically re-programmed.

SMART is also capable of interfacing electronically with client systems which is key to obtaining works order information and for providing accurate and timely data back to clients.